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Futurama Season 6 Mid Review

Instead of Jumping the gun on new reviews of TV shows just to meet the deadlines when it originally started to air or doing single reviews on each episode, I tend to look at shows as a whole. Futurama is no exception. I will basically say I am not too pleased so far with the first 4 episodes of the new season 6. In fact I am down right disgusted since I have seen this happen before with Family Guy.

Fans beg for new seasons of a canceled show than when they get them they are never as good as the old seasons and just seem to be below average at best. This isn’t even my memory playing tricks on me either like making the old episodes seem better than they where since I have and still am watching and enjoying them.

Lets start with the first episode which I thought held up the best so far. It had some pretty decent twists, Typical futurama sci fi humor and they had to steer the series back from the last movie. I didn’t like the fact they felt they needed to make Fry and Leela go back to being friends with how the “Wild Green Yonder Ended” felt unnecessary. They could have explored their new found status of the two even just for one season before trying to go back to the status que.

What irks me most about this is, Futurama was always a show that tried to keep things moving forward, characters seem to develop and progress through. Their lives change, Kif and Amy got Phon Phon Rood, Fry is his own grandpa which later helped him save the universe. Leela went from being an alien to a mutant. Nibble went from being a hungry animal to a being of 1000 of years old race that actually appeared in the first episode.

They even had episodes that were more dramatic than funny with Fry’s Brother one, and Fry’s Dog.

The new season 6 though seems to try and just do rehash plots already with Robots loving Humans which they already did, when Fry dated a Robot and it was much better and had better sci-fi theme to it. Instead it was a stupid ideological rally cry for liberal gay marriage thinly dressed up as Futurama. I don’t give two hoots about gay marriage, this isn’t a place for that discussion. They did a better job with it on the Simpson’s or Family Guy, and South Park does it better and more timely than either of them.

The iPhone episode was I felt the worse one they ever did. I don’t want iPhone jokes, I know there are rubes out their paying out the butt for one. They have been done to death everywhere. The social networking joke about everyone’s privacy being evaded was also late since South Park did the face book one. South Park even did it better with the whole Tron Theme and Mad Money mixed in, instead of Susan Boyle jokes, also very lame.

Futurama still has a ways to go for the rest of the season so hopefully it will pick up, unless they keep ripping stories from the recent edition of papers. I will easily watch the rest of this season it’s only fair I gave Heroes 2 more seasons after the first one, but if it keeps up with the same type of low standards of humor I won’t be tuning in for a new season. Matt and David need to go back and read a lot more sci-fi books to keep up.

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  1. Maha
    August 20, 2012 at 3:15 am

    I was searching if anybody else felt the same way. And I really hope the series gets better. I also don’t understand how nobody cares that nibbler can talk now, and how Leelah’s personality changed.

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