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Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

Today marks the celebration of Nikola Tesla’s birth.  Let’s take a moment and look back on all the wonderful things he’s developed and conceived of.

-AC Current and the electrical engine foundations that paved the way for how we use power today.

-Remote controls

-Radar concepts

-Work in developing the foundation for the Radio

-Foundation ideas of Computer Science based on original robotics and concepts of Logic Gates

-The Tesla Coil, which continues to entertain high school science classes all the world round.

-Polyphase Systems

-Ideas and building blocks for Wireless energy transfers which now are used in induction battery chargers.  Though Tesla’s concepts would allow for distances of miles rather than inches.

-Death rays and other world dooming devices

Head on over to Wikipedia to learn more.

In honor of Tesla I present John C. Reilly playing the titular roll in an astounding rendition of Drunk History.

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