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Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour Review

The finale to the Scott Pilgrim series has finally arrived just in time to pre-empt the movie.  The final chapter of the book revolves around Scott having to come to grips with Ramona’s disappearance and him sulking and hiding in video games instead of confronting Gideon who has arrived in town.  This reflects the overall premise of the series and the idea of growing up in general.  We watch Scott grasping at straws as he attempts to cling desperately to the life in his past rather than move on with his life.  It’s incredibly awkward and uncomfortable and it works so well.  Becoming an adult is never a smooth process and the allegory here carries that in splendidly.

I was hoping that Gideon would be a bit more evil when we finally get to him.  While he does express himself as a total jerk, he still fall flat a little I feel.  I think part of this might be due to the fact that O’Malley may have rushed this through to be out in time for the movie.  The final battle has all the flair of those that came before it and you feel it climaxed pretty well.

The only real issue I had is that the side characters’ plots didn’t finalize as well.  It felt like they were there, and then just took a backseat to the rest of the action that was going on.  I suppose I shouldn’t be bothered as they were just side characters, but I blame that on O’Malley’s excellent ability to give every character a sense of personality and life.  I also worry because the way Scott goes about the women in his life it makes it feel like they were all just stepping stones and I’m not really sure how I feel about that.

Overall the ending felt right, but a bit rushed.  I foresaw a number of ways this could end, and though the way it ended was further down on my “most likely” list, I enjoyed it none the less.  If anything, the final book has made me even more excited to see the different ending that the movie will have.  I’m also greatly looking forward to the next series by Mr. O’Malley.

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