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Iceman as new Ultimate Spider-Man?

Unless you haven’t heard already this will be a Major Spoiler.

Ultimate Marvel series just killed off Peter Parker, and later this year a new person will be in the series as Ultimate Spider-Man gets a reboot. I feel it’s going to be Bobby Drake, now i have no solid evidence to back this up but here is my reasoning.

Bobby will feel bad for not being their when Peter needed him the most and the guilt will drive him nuts much like how Peter was driven nuts by Uncle Ben dieing. Bendis did mention that it will be someone who effected by Parkers Death.

Bobby wasn’t seen in Ultimate Fallout, and they basically showed everyone he was close to, and Bobby was as close to Peter as Johnny Storm was and they showed him.

Bobby could have easily gotten a hold of the Web Slingers since he was living at the house at the time, not to mention his ice powers might be able to stick to walls, either with tiny icicles on his finger tips much like spider-man or maybe just by using ice powers to help him just freeze to surfaces.

If Bobby is Spider-Man than it will leave open room for Mary Jane and Gwen to stay in the series which by Bendis’s mention they will have roles in the new series, other wise what their connection to the new guy be.

Bobby isn’t as bright as Parker not even close but he might be able to keep up with the humor when bashing bad guys. so we won’t lose that aspect of him.

Either way I am curious whoever it is if fans will accept a New Spider-Man, I am all open for it, I think this could really be interesting, Parker’s Death could be like Captain Marvel’s Death for the Main Universe.

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