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The Campaign Begins…

The Prologue to the Game I am attempting to run.

For my players mostly, please use this to form the basis of your characters guys.  Everybody else, let me know what you think.


The Ruins of Cadador


In the beginning, there was the Supreme One.  Out of his thoughts, our universe came to be.  Within that universe we mortals were created.  The Supreme One found, that It could not understand what it created.  It thought the best way to understand, both Itself and It’s creation was to split Itself into many entities.  And so, the Pantheon was born.

The Gods drew upon the desires, thoughts, and devotion of the mortals for sustenance.  Unknown to them, their darkest urges and emotions coalesced into a new entity – The Drakasha or Dark One.  The Gods saw what this could mean to their future, so they created a pocket realm and locked away The Drakasha.

Milennia passed, and Ingra, Goddess of Destruction, created the Vampire race in order to usurp the power of the Pantheon.  Due to the intervention of a few chosen warriors, her plans were halted, but at a terrible cost…  The awakening of The Drakasha.

The warriors sacrificed themselves in order to stop Atavus, Lord and Father of all Vampires, but they were reborn as powerful servitors of the Pantheon in order to combat The Drakasha.  When The Dark One broke free of its prison the Gods threw all of its strongest champions and creations to battle it.  The Drakasha looked upon this Infinite Host, and waved a flicker of its newly freed power…  And erased them all from eternity.

The Gods had not foreseen its strength, and fell into direct combat themselves.  They were no match for it.  As a last resort, the Pantheon decided unanimously to recombine themselves into the Supreme One, and battled The Drakasha.  Both cosmic beings were equal in strength and obliterated each other…

Now, 1,500 years after the conflagration, the world of Cadador has returned to some semblance of normalcy.  Unfortunately, the embers of past conflicts are reigniting, and somewhere deep within our world… something has been torn asunder and must be repaired if our realm is to survive…

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