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The Ruins of Cadador, Day 1

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

In Stormwall,
The adventurers arrived at the Holey Drunk, a tavern whose reputation for watered down drinks was only exceeded by the seediness of its clientele. They were to meet a contact of the so-called, “Lords of the Guilded Cage”. Nahtan mistakenly bought an ale for Sheeva, a female orc who lost her eye to the last suitor who scorned her. Her heart fluttered at this unforseen token of attaction, as the rest of the group enjoys Nahtan’s uncomfortable reactions.
A hooded figure enters and sits next to Tashum & his Oracle. Upon hammering out a deal with the group, the Paladin and his cohorts seek alternative lodgings at the Prancing Hobgoblin, a well known “alternative” watering hole. Fred the Mercurian, the proprietor of the establishment, offered intimate comfort to the Paladin in exchange for lodging, but was rebuffed by him. Fred’s hopes to finally find his prince charming were once again dashed Tashum walked away. He would not forget this latest defeat.
The next morning, they meet their contact at the Deragon Estate, more commonly known as the “Guilded Cage”. Gawain, Lord Nicholas’ most trusted lieutenant, gave our adventurers an advance of 500 gold pieces each and all the data they would need to begin their mission of finding the Serpent Crown. An artifact known to have been worn by famous dictators and murderers, and which could be used to cure Nicholas’ madness.
As they take their leave from Gawain and begin their task, they spy one of the Lords, Percival, treat one of his servants with utter disregard and disdain. As she marched into his chambers to receive an even more humiliating “punishment” at his hands, the group begins their mission…

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