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The Campaign Begins…

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment

The Prologue to the Game I am attempting to run.

For my players mostly, please use this to form the basis of your characters guys.  Everybody else, let me know what you think.


The Ruins of Cadador


In the beginning, there was the Supreme One.  Out of his thoughts, our universe came to be.  Within that universe we mortals were created.  The Supreme One found, that It could not understand what it created.  It thought the best way to understand, both Itself and It’s creation was to split Itself into many entities.  And so, the Pantheon was born.

The Gods drew upon the desires, thoughts, and devotion of the mortals for sustenance.  Unknown to them, their darkest urges and emotions coalesced into a new entity – The Drakasha or Dark One.  The Gods saw what this could mean to their future, so they created a pocket realm and locked away The Drakasha.

Milennia passed, and Ingra, Goddess of Destruction, created the Vampire race in order to usurp the power of the Pantheon.  Due to the intervention of a few chosen warriors, her plans were halted, but at a terrible cost…  The awakening of The Drakasha.

The warriors sacrificed themselves in order to stop Atavus, Lord and Father of all Vampires, but they were reborn as powerful servitors of the Pantheon in order to combat The Drakasha.  When The Dark One broke free of its prison the Gods threw all of its strongest champions and creations to battle it.  The Drakasha looked upon this Infinite Host, and waved a flicker of its newly freed power…  And erased them all from eternity.

The Gods had not foreseen its strength, and fell into direct combat themselves.  They were no match for it.  As a last resort, the Pantheon decided unanimously to recombine themselves into the Supreme One, and battled The Drakasha.  Both cosmic beings were equal in strength and obliterated each other…

Now, 1,500 years after the conflagration, the world of Cadador has returned to some semblance of normalcy.  Unfortunately, the embers of past conflicts are reigniting, and somewhere deep within our world… something has been torn asunder and must be repaired if our realm is to survive…

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Hero Academy: Why Are You Still Reading This and NOT Playing?

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Where else can Team Fortress shoot up some medieval knights?


If you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have an iOS device) you’ve probably never heard of Hero Academy.  Well, you’re in luck!  I just spent the better part of my weekend tinkering and countering the newest team, in the game:  the Team Fortress goons.

Let’s start with the basics:  the initial game is free on any iOS device and comes with The Council (them medieval lookin’ peeps above).  If you ask regular players, they’ll tell you that they’re pretty frelling broken.  They are an overall great team with good synergies, and an easy couple of tactics and combos that can exploited to maximum efficiency in the hands of an experienced player.

All you really need to know about the game to like it is:  If you loved Final Fantasy Tactics, you will love the absolute shit out of this game.  I know I do.  I started playing back during the Super Bowl and it is consistently by go-to app whenever I need a quick tussle.  The asynchronous turn-based nature of the game makes it easy to pick up and put down.


The game revolves around a “deck”.  This deck comes with all of your units, gear, spells, and items.  It is shuffled and the beginning of the game and you slowly draw from it as you use up your “cards”.  The tray at the bottom of your screen is your “hand”.  Each turn you may use up your 5 Action Points (AP) in order to give commands to your units, or play a “card” from your hand.  You may also exchange a card in your hand from a random card from the deck for an AP per swap.

Winning the match can be done in two ways:  annihilating your opponent’s units or destroying their crystals.  It sounds easier than it actually is sometimes…

Each unit comes with their own stats (HP, Damage, Damage Type, Resistances, Range, Movement, and Special Attributes).  I will not go into this more in depth, you guys can figure that part out.  All units come in 5 flavors:  Fighter (tank), Shooter (Physical Dmg), Mage (Magical Dmg), Support (Buffs and Debuffs), and your Super Unit (Ridiculously powerful units).


Now this past weekend, HA has finally crossed over into the PC realm by having in available via Steam.  It’s not free ($4.99 for the basic model), but the plus is that it is completely ad free (the iOS version is ad supported until you make a purchase), and you get Team Fortress as well and The Council (will all their avatar packs too, at $2.99 cost per pack normally).  Now any other teams do cost you an additional couple bucks, but once bought, they cross over both the PC and iOS versions.

Currently there are 5 teams:  The Council, Team Fortress, the Dark Elves, the Dwarves, and The Tribe (orcs).  Each have very different playstyles and unique abilities.  Easy to learn, hard to master.

There is really nothing else I can tell you about this game other than this, if you’re a newbie be prepared to get ROFL-stomped.  8 months into the game, and a lot of the experienced players can destroy your face fairly easily by using their teams’ abilities creatively.  Do not be discouraged.  Ask questions, there is a chat interface for a reason.  Most people I have seen are fairly polite and nobody I have played has been a blatant ass… yet.

If you feel like you need pointers or want to try it out in a stress-free environment, my Player Name is, of course, 5yphon.  Send me a challenge.  I won’t bite.  Unless you want me to.  See you there!

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5yphon’s Top 5 Games of All Time

January 18, 2011 1 comment

What games define you as a person?

Not an easy answer as many of you know.  Today I was thinking this precise question.  The absolute quintessential games that speak exactly about your persona.

Let’s take a gander at my personality, these are my top 5.  In no particular order mind you.

#5 – Super Mario Kart (SNES)

I don’t want to brag, but I am friggin’ awesome at Mario Kart.  In college, I told a buddy that I have never lost a game.  Obviously, he challenged me.  We played on his laptop emulator.  “By sheer dumb luck” he forgot his other game pad.  He used his gamepad vs my keyboard.  I still kicked his ass.  Hard.

#4 – World of Warcraft (PC)

It’s pretty obvious why this is up here.  Let’s not shoot more dead horses.

#3 – Silent Hill 2 (PS2)

I am a horror buff.  To this day, in my opinion, the series has yet to capture the tenseness, and the fear that playing this work of bloody art gave me.

#2 – God Of War (PS2)

Not only do I own all the games, but I have the comics too.  Yes, there were comics.  It’s not that I like Kratos (he is pretty amazing), but as long as I can remember I have been a Greek Mythology geek.  This was a dream come true.  Or nightmare?

#1 – ActRaiser (SNES)

I dare you not like the music in this game.  Not only is this the absolute best 16-Bit music score I have ever heard, you get to play as GOD and kick the devil’s ass!  What’s not to like?

It’s primarily these games that made me want to make games.  I don’t know what that says about me, but I think I like who I am.

DirectTv Drops G4 Do not Panic.

November 2, 2010 7 comments

DirectTV Dropped G4 on November 1, due to contract dispute. G4 wanted the same contract they had for 3 years with them Direct TV did not. This is just another struggle between Direct TV and Comcast, the same thing happened back with the VS, which was much more tragic. I didn’t get my hockey.

I honestly don’t care if G4 goes off the air, they slowly lost their soul way back when Tech TV was bought out. I did watch it a bit for their game reviews until my internet was up and running and I could go to websites to do just that. I find I get the exact same trailers online. from a host of Game sites. I did like their E3 press conference, but even that just became bearable and not as interesting, again even the press conferences will be online live.

If you do have Direct TV and this was one network you truly loved to watch you have other options, if the video games, comics and technology was the reason you watched this place try these sites.

“Attack of the Show” fill in sites , Topless Robot, Kotaku , Gizmodo Engadget, Bamkapow and Pop Science can easily fill that gap.

If X-Play was your show for all things gaming, IGN and Gametrailers would be easy fixes they even have just as cocky and annoying people reviewing games and skewing the ratings of games for the bottom line so you won’t miss much.

If Ninja Warrior and the International Sexy Lady Show is your thing, their is porn.

The point is, G4 may be gone from your lives but honestly you have many and usually better options to choose from, embrace this new freedom and you may finally acknowledge that you were really in an abusive relationship.

The Last Story Japanese Trailer

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is the latest Japanese Trailer to the Last Story for the Wii.

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Kirby Epic Yarn Review

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Epic Yarn is the new installment of Kirby franchise that keeps all the love of the original game stitched up in new threads. The game play is innovative, although they got rid of eating and absorbing powers you can still grab enemies up and your abilities are now linked to d pad pressing. The game is excellent when it comes with the special powers you get for each stage. We all seen the tank Kirby, but all the other abilities, Space Ship, rocket ship, skateboarder and digger were just a few added excellent level design and gave you a nice short break from the plat forming. The Rocket ship turns into scrolling shooter, the skateboard was fun getting air, even in the later stages they added more abilities to them the skating stage you can get wings to give an extra boost.

Level design in this game was the best each stage it seemed to add something different. One stage I would be swinging on yarn to yarn and another I would use air ducts to get to other areas with parachute Kirby.
I always felt like their was something new to explore in each new stage, both in game play mechanics and exploration. I love the eye for detail that comes from the level designs, pulling strings to gain access to ledges, or straighten out string of electrical current, it’s all just fun to see and play through.

My biggest complaint for the game is the fact that you can’t die in the game. This isn’t a deal breaker mainly I didn’t notice since I basically never got hit until later stages. I know this part would turn off many gamers since you think their is no challenge, but their is a score based system and I did hate getting hit losing many of my bits. The hard part can be on boss levels since you need to get a high score to get to any of the secrete stages. I think they could have fixed this easily by making an Easy and Normal setting but what’s done is done.

The story game play only lasted a weekend of play so it might be only a rental but I was only 50% done with the game I barely touched any of the secrete stages so their is much more to explore, and I had no one to play the co-op with.

My score is 3 and 1/2 thumbs up it would be higher but I am a bit annoyed with the no dieing aspect, still if you have a girlfriend or family member who doesn’t really get into games this could be a fun one that you both can enjoy.

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