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Hero Academy: Why Are You Still Reading This and NOT Playing?

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Where else can Team Fortress shoot up some medieval knights?


If you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have an iOS device) you’ve probably never heard of Hero Academy.  Well, you’re in luck!  I just spent the better part of my weekend tinkering and countering the newest team, in the game:  the Team Fortress goons.

Let’s start with the basics:  the initial game is free on any iOS device and comes with The Council (them medieval lookin’ peeps above).  If you ask regular players, they’ll tell you that they’re pretty frelling broken.  They are an overall great team with good synergies, and an easy couple of tactics and combos that can exploited to maximum efficiency in the hands of an experienced player.

All you really need to know about the game to like it is:  If you loved Final Fantasy Tactics, you will love the absolute shit out of this game.  I know I do.  I started playing back during the Super Bowl and it is consistently by go-to app whenever I need a quick tussle.  The asynchronous turn-based nature of the game makes it easy to pick up and put down.


The game revolves around a “deck”.  This deck comes with all of your units, gear, spells, and items.  It is shuffled and the beginning of the game and you slowly draw from it as you use up your “cards”.  The tray at the bottom of your screen is your “hand”.  Each turn you may use up your 5 Action Points (AP) in order to give commands to your units, or play a “card” from your hand.  You may also exchange a card in your hand from a random card from the deck for an AP per swap.

Winning the match can be done in two ways:  annihilating your opponent’s units or destroying their crystals.  It sounds easier than it actually is sometimes…

Each unit comes with their own stats (HP, Damage, Damage Type, Resistances, Range, Movement, and Special Attributes).  I will not go into this more in depth, you guys can figure that part out.  All units come in 5 flavors:  Fighter (tank), Shooter (Physical Dmg), Mage (Magical Dmg), Support (Buffs and Debuffs), and your Super Unit (Ridiculously powerful units).


Now this past weekend, HA has finally crossed over into the PC realm by having in available via Steam.  It’s not free ($4.99 for the basic model), but the plus is that it is completely ad free (the iOS version is ad supported until you make a purchase), and you get Team Fortress as well and The Council (will all their avatar packs too, at $2.99 cost per pack normally).  Now any other teams do cost you an additional couple bucks, but once bought, they cross over both the PC and iOS versions.

Currently there are 5 teams:  The Council, Team Fortress, the Dark Elves, the Dwarves, and The Tribe (orcs).  Each have very different playstyles and unique abilities.  Easy to learn, hard to master.

There is really nothing else I can tell you about this game other than this, if you’re a newbie be prepared to get ROFL-stomped.  8 months into the game, and a lot of the experienced players can destroy your face fairly easily by using their teams’ abilities creatively.  Do not be discouraged.  Ask questions, there is a chat interface for a reason.  Most people I have seen are fairly polite and nobody I have played has been a blatant ass… yet.

If you feel like you need pointers or want to try it out in a stress-free environment, my Player Name is, of course, 5yphon.  Send me a challenge.  I won’t bite.  Unless you want me to.  See you there!

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5yphon’s BETA Report

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello all!  It’s been awhile!

Greetings from the Cataclysm BETA!

Yes, that’s my main.  Zaliothrax, Death Knight tank.  I know I have been away for some time, but now that I have had my “vacation”, I’m ready to pwn!  And as a coming back olive branch, I extend to you some Worgen starting zone pics!

Yes, I'm a drood!

Knock, Knock! Who's There? (Mauls face)

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Plants Vs Zombies in WoW Cataclysm

It seems Blizzard has deemed fit to add another massive time sink into their time sink.  This will be a series of low level quests around 20, but it gives a lot of xp and so should remain profitable for a long time.

Leak Final Fantasy Versus TGS 2010

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Some quick shots of Final Fantasy 13 Versus on some bad camera leaked out.
I will be honest as much as I hated Final Fantasy 13 this one I am keeping my eye out since I love Kingdom Hearts.

Also apparently Versus will have airships that you can control so it makes it like the ole Final Fantasy of the older systems when Square got rid of that staple in Final Fantasy series it drove me insane, glad to see it make a comeback.

The Original Human PAC-MAN Gameover Project

September 12, 2010 1 comment

Too Cool or too much time, you be the judge. This guy also did that human Space Invaders and Tetris as well. Maybe Frogger will be next that would be awesome, or if he is truly crazy he will do Atari’s Adventure game completely that would be something.

Mega64 and Scribblenauts Holy Hell.

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Scribblenauts happened to be one of the coolest new games that came out this decade (I’m a sucker for puzzle games) But now they truly out did them selves by incorporating the crew of Mega64 into their game, Rocco, Shawn Derrick and the other guys that are always in the background are all in it.

That’s just insane, I wonder if Gabe and Tyco from penny-arcade will be in it too.

Starcraft II Single-Player Review

I have been waiting for Starcraft II since finishing Brood War.  I wasn’t waiting to get back online and get my rear handed to my by a bunch of Korean kids however.  My eagerness was in continuing the fantastic story set up in the original games.

Blizzard always has a way at weaving tales and character development.  It’s actually impressive that in a game where the characters are just a few troops in an army, they can stand out so well.  They all have depth and they progress and develop as the story goes on.  Added onto that is the fact that Blizzard has one of the best CG teams in the business which helps flesh everything out that much more.

Let’s look at how they did this time around in regards to the story.  This is going to be the first in a trilogy of games which follows the RTS story pattern they have done before.  First you play one army, that leads to the next which picks up the story, and so on.  Unfortunately they couldn’t manage to complete it all fast enough so they just decided to split it into three games.  I can see a problem arise with the fact that the majority of people bought the game for the multiplayer so they will have to work hard on additions in order to entice the multiplayer fans to pick up the successive installments.

Wings of Liberty revolves around the Terran portion of the plot.  We pick up with Jim Raynor where he is attempting to re-ignite his rebellion against the Dominion and the traitorous leader Mensk.  Eventually Jim meets up with some old friends to go after the empire and tango with some Zerg along the way.  You’ll pick up some friends and they will each give you their own little storyline of missions.  Each mission rewards a new unit, and some research data on the Protoss or Zerg that can be used to purchase benefits or extra units for the Terran forces.  This is a very interesting way to let the player feel more progress and specialization as the game goes on.  Each level of research gives you two options and picking one foregoes the other so you can truly customize your army to you playstyle.  The side stories are interesting, but really don’t bring much to the main story which doesn’t develop till much later in the game.  Once you pick up a series of missions where you control the Protoss, the plot of the game really gets revealed.  The sad part is there are only a few missions left after this, so this installment in the trilogy only real serves to set up the rest of the series.

Possibly one of the best additions to fleshing out the story and characters is the in-between segments when you’re selecting your next mission.  You can cycle through a series of rooms including the laboratory, armory, bridge, and cantina.  Here you can talk to people you have picked up along the way.  This gives freedom for even more character development for those who desire.  There’s also a lot of just “fun” elements.  Examples being the 2D shooter arcade game you can play, trophies on the wall, the Terran Marine iGun iPod parody commercial, and covers of classic songs.

As for the gameplay, it’s more of Starcraft with some slight variations.  They didn’t really mess with the formula too much which others have stated is due to the fact that the fanbase is too set in their ways to accept a lot of change.  So if you like RTS games and harken to the classic ones before heroes, rpg elements, and other ideas, you will be in for a fun ride.  Visually the game is stunning and all the minute details of the maps and world are so elaborate that people will be noticing things for a long time coming.

There’s a lot more to say about the game, but I really wanted to focus on the single player experience.  More to come as I venture into the map mod and multiplayer waters.

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