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Opinion Piece: Who Is Truly The Superior Spider-Man?

May 13, 2013 Leave a comment

I have begun writing this piece a dozen times over in my head the past couple of days.  So let’s begin at this:  SPOILERS AHEAD.  If you haven’t read Superior Spider-Man #9 and will, go read it.  I’ll wait…

Now, what I’m about to say is probably going to induce some anger, rage, and confusion, but here goes:  this book has actually made me care about Spider-Man again.

Yeah, clean up the spit from your monitor.  You read it right.  A book in which Peter Parker is NOT Spider-Man, has induced something within me that actually makes me want to read about Peter Parker.  That hasn’t been the case for 10 years for me, so I don’t say that lightly.


But why would it?  Why should it?

These are the adventures of Doctor Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus), attempting to steal away Peter’s life from him in the most sinister and evil way.  He has changed how Spider-Man is viewed by the average joe, his relationship with the authorities and the media, as well as created suspicion within the ranks of the Avengers themselves.  It brings something that makes me want to see more, and that is something that galvanizes you emotionally.  Love or hate the story/scenario, but you cannot dismiss it offhand as some hokey, shock value move on Marvel’s part as I originally thought myself.

Issue #9 finally brought it home, Peter Parker as it stands now, is dead.  I am certain that he will return, in some form or another, but the fact that Octavius actually bested Peter makes perfect sense.  Peter focused on his guilt and responsibility over Ben’s death to the point of tunnel-vision.  The observations made by Peter as Ock lives his life for him, serve as a reminder as to just how truly inefficient he was as a hero, and how flawed he was a man.  He was selfish by keeping MJ close to him.  He let his brilliant mind atrophy due to his preoccupation with just getting by financially.  Even though these are hard truths to see, they are what made Peter so compelling.  He was a REAL person.

Now that Otto is free from Peter’s “ghost”, he can truly embrace his calling as a hero (as he sees it anyway).  I am torn by wanting to see more.  If you think I want Ock to be Spider-Man, you misunderstand.  I see this as an opportunity for Peter to see just what he was doing wrong.  So much time wasted by patrolling the city, when Ock created a city-wide monitoring system.  He works WITH the police as opposed to around them.  He protects his loved ones by divorcing himself from them, knowing that attacks on him are attacks on them.  Dan Slott has made many mistakes while in charge of Spider-Man (Spider-Island, anyone?), this isn’t one of them.

In the end, I am attracted by the new.  Things I have never seen before.  This story, in the magnitude and scope, has not been done before.  That intrigues me.  And isn’t that WHY we read comics in the first place?  To escape the mundane?  The same stories over and over begin to tire and fatigue me.  I want to wonder.  I want to speculate.  Hell, I want to be AMAZED.  This Superior Spider-Man may be here temporarily, but until he leaves us, he is Amazing to me.

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Trailer Lovin’

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment

I have renamed the column.  Got a problem with that?

I believe that there are no words necessary to show how much ass this is going to kick.

Weird.  But it has promise.  I just hope the robot actor is good.

Once, again.  Good promise, but I see the shadow of Ferngully…

See ya next week!

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Iceman as new Ultimate Spider-Man?

Unless you haven’t heard already this will be a Major Spoiler.

Ultimate Marvel series just killed off Peter Parker, and later this year a new person will be in the series as Ultimate Spider-Man gets a reboot. I feel it’s going to be Bobby Drake, now i have no solid evidence to back this up but here is my reasoning.

Bobby will feel bad for not being their when Peter needed him the most and the guilt will drive him nuts much like how Peter was driven nuts by Uncle Ben dieing. Bendis did mention that it will be someone who effected by Parkers Death.

Bobby wasn’t seen in Ultimate Fallout, and they basically showed everyone he was close to, and Bobby was as close to Peter as Johnny Storm was and they showed him.

Bobby could have easily gotten a hold of the Web Slingers since he was living at the house at the time, not to mention his ice powers might be able to stick to walls, either with tiny icicles on his finger tips much like spider-man or maybe just by using ice powers to help him just freeze to surfaces.

If Bobby is Spider-Man than it will leave open room for Mary Jane and Gwen to stay in the series which by Bendis’s mention they will have roles in the new series, other wise what their connection to the new guy be.

Bobby isn’t as bright as Parker not even close but he might be able to keep up with the humor when bashing bad guys. so we won’t lose that aspect of him.

Either way I am curious whoever it is if fans will accept a New Spider-Man, I am all open for it, I think this could really be interesting, Parker’s Death could be like Captain Marvel’s Death for the Main Universe.

5yphon’s Trailers of the Week

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Once more into the breach…

So the Three Musketeers are getting an update?  I like explosions…

Seriously, who DOESN”T want to see this?

I still have my reservations.  But man, is Sinestro not cool?

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DirectTv Drops G4 Do not Panic.

November 2, 2010 7 comments

DirectTV Dropped G4 on November 1, due to contract dispute. G4 wanted the same contract they had for 3 years with them Direct TV did not. This is just another struggle between Direct TV and Comcast, the same thing happened back with the VS, which was much more tragic. I didn’t get my hockey.

I honestly don’t care if G4 goes off the air, they slowly lost their soul way back when Tech TV was bought out. I did watch it a bit for their game reviews until my internet was up and running and I could go to websites to do just that. I find I get the exact same trailers online. from a host of Game sites. I did like their E3 press conference, but even that just became bearable and not as interesting, again even the press conferences will be online live.

If you do have Direct TV and this was one network you truly loved to watch you have other options, if the video games, comics and technology was the reason you watched this place try these sites.

“Attack of the Show” fill in sites , Topless Robot, Kotaku , Gizmodo Engadget, Bamkapow and Pop Science can easily fill that gap.

If X-Play was your show for all things gaming, IGN and Gametrailers would be easy fixes they even have just as cocky and annoying people reviewing games and skewing the ratings of games for the bottom line so you won’t miss much.

If Ninja Warrior and the International Sexy Lady Show is your thing, their is porn.

The point is, G4 may be gone from your lives but honestly you have many and usually better options to choose from, embrace this new freedom and you may finally acknowledge that you were really in an abusive relationship.

5yphon’s BETA Report

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello all!  It’s been awhile!

Greetings from the Cataclysm BETA!

Yes, that’s my main.  Zaliothrax, Death Knight tank.  I know I have been away for some time, but now that I have had my “vacation”, I’m ready to pwn!  And as a coming back olive branch, I extend to you some Worgen starting zone pics!

Yes, I'm a drood!

Knock, Knock! Who's There? (Mauls face)

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